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General Practice De Reiger
Mw. M.H.B. van Rijnsoever
Mw. A.W.Kleijkamp
Mw. V.H. ten Dam

Bloemstraat 65
3581 WD Utrecht
tel:  030-2516141 

Opening hours: Monday till friday 8:00 - 17:00, the phone lines are open from 8:00 till 17:00. In case of emergency dial 030-2516141 and choose option 1. To make an appointment dial 030-2516141 and choose option 2. In case of life-threatening situations you can dial 112, this is the national emergency line.
In the evening or weekends you can call the emergency GP-post (huisartsenpost) Burgemeester Fockema Andrealaan 60, 3582 KT Utrecht 088 130 96 70

New patients: The practice is open for new patients living in the postal code areas:  3581, 3583 and 3508 (UC). You can fill in a registration form at the practice or download the registration form  HERE. You can also find the registration form on our website located under the button called Inschrijving voor nieuwe patienten. Please hand over at the practice counter, or email the registration form to us. The email address is listed below.

  Consultation hours.







Dr. Kleijkamp, morning


Dr. Kleijkamp, afternoon


Dr. v.Rijnsoever, morning


Dr. v.Rijnsoever, afternoon


Dr ten Dam, morning


Dr. ten Dam, afternoon


Dr. ten Dam, evening


A regular appointment takes 10 minutes. Please make a double appointment (20 minutes) if you have more time-consuming problems you want to discuss.

Evening consultations: Our evening consulations are on Thursdays from 17:30 till 19:30. To make an appointment you can contact the assistent on weekdays from 8:00 till 17:00. During the evening consulations the phonenumber of the practice can not be reached. Outside of office hours, for emergencies you can contact the emergency GP-post (huisartsenpost) Burgemeester Fockema Andrealaan 60, 3582 KT Utrecht 088 130 96 70

Consultation by telephone
If you wish to speak to one of the doctors, please inform the assistant and the doctor will call you back on the phonenumber indicated by you.

House calls: are meant for people who can't come to the building because of physical reasons. If you think you need a home visit please call the assistant in the morning before 10:00.

No-show rate:  it happens almost daily that people do not show up on their appointment or that they don't cancel ahead in time. This is not very pleasant, because in stead of this " no-show patient" somebody else could be seen. To decrease this no-show behaviour you will be sent a bill with the amount of 15 euro's.

If you are unable to come to your appointment, please cancel the appointment 24 hours in time. You can contact the assistent to cancel the appointment, preferably by telephone. If there is any special reason why you couldn't show up for your appointment please let us know.  The cost might not be charged.

Prescriptions, making appointments, injections etc.:
Chronic prescriptions can be ordered preferably by means of our website, see link on the homepage.
Patients of pharmacy Wilhelmina can also order this directly by means of telephone (030-2520202) or by email (
If previous options do not succeed, then you can call our assistant, preferably before 12:00. 

Non-residents: If you don't live in Utrecht, but you need a GP, you can also make an appointment. You will have to pay for it directly at the counter the amount of 27 euro, or 54 if it takes longer than 10 minutes. You can only pay in cash, because we don't have an ATM machine. Please bring the exact amount in cash, because we don't have small change.


 Please report to us any changes in insurance or changes in general practice office.





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Bloemstraat 65
3581 WD Utrecht
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